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Lazone Grays

Topeka, Kansas
Mr. Lazone Grays is the Founder and President of IBSA, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit corporation that primarily provides employment & training services to low-income youth and adults receiving; or eligible for public assistance. Since 1993, the organization has provided effective public policy research, development & advocacy on issues that include welfare reform, workforce training delivery systems, adult criminal & juvenile justice reform, poverty alleviation and addressing the digital divide in underserved neighborhoods.

Lazone has been recognized for his advocacy by top elected officials, community and business leaders, to his credit several important policies and initiative; with long-term impact have been passed at the local & state level. These include:
1) dedication of 10%/yr from a local countywide sales-tax ($500,000) for the economic development of socially & economically disadvantaged business owners/individuals
2) public funding allotment for local summer youth employment program
3) Ban-the-Box passed by City of Topeka, Shawnee County, and Kansas State government,
4) allocation of over $7M to establish a trade skill center in an LMI neighborhood (Washburn Tech East)
5) creation of a neighborhood WiFi network for residents of the oldest/largest public housing development in (KCK)
6) allocation of $250,000 in a countywide economic development sales-tax for workforce development broadband initiatives impacting rural & LMI urban areas (Topeka KS)

Mr. Grays is a Job coach, Business coach, and Program instructor for Streets University. Since 1995 he has served on numerous boards by appointment bof the Mayor and currently Chairs the Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee (DMC) as an appointee by Gov. Sam Brownback for the Kansas Advisory Group on Juvenile Justice & Deliquency Prevention (KAG). IBSA is a veteran contractor with the Kansas State Welfare Department and One-Stop Operator under the federal Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA)